28th March 2018

The Walk Of Shame.

I came across Mistress Nicky’s website whilst looking to arrange my next visit to a dominatrix. I was instantly drawn in by the striking photos in her gallery and decided to make contact. I outlined my preferences to her in an email and was pleased when I received a prompt response saying that she could accommodate all my wishes.

Having obtained the address details for her flat, on the day of my appointment I made my way there with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. I arrived at her door and was greeted by a stunning young woman – if anything her gallery photos didn’t fully do her justice.

After an initial introduction and outline of previous experiences we duly got down to business!! Mistress Nicky slowly undressed me, taking off my shirt and jumper. She then proceeded to remove my trousers and was surprised to find that I was wearing hold-ups and a pair of black lace panties. The session continued and Mistress instructed me to lie on her bed where she then restrained my arms and legs. She began to tease my prostate, first by inserting her fingers to ease my cheeks apart. As access became easier she then moved on to a set of beads and then a nice pink butt plug!

This ‘warming up’ process was taken to the next level when I was strapped to the fuck bench and penetrated by a selection of strap-ons. I was also instructed to show my oral skills to Mistress by sucking, licking and gagging on a variety of different sized cocks. During the course of the session she was also able to cater for some of my other interests including bottom worship and nipple torture.

She also spent time teasing my cock and ensuring that I was kept on the edge throughout the whole time. As the session came to an end I was almost begging to be allowed to climax and Mistress was happy to oblige, albeit on her terms. I think this was indicative of her sadistic side as she happily brought me to orgasm but made sure that all my come was kept inside my panties. After feeding me with some of my own spunk, she made sure that the rest was kept inside my knickers, thereby ensuring I had something to remember her by as I walked back to the station.


Sissy Pamela