2nd April 2018

A Full Day As My Personal Slave

Fancy spending the day as my personal servant? I am offering a discounted day rate of £400 for a day of serving a goddess, whilst exploring kinks and pushing limits.

You are invited from 10 am to meet at my kinky play flat and will leave at 4pm. During this time, I will mould you into my perfect plaything.

I will plan our day of debauchery accordingly once you have filled in the questionnaire on my bookings page.

To serve me I will expect you to learn appropriate etiquette which will include adapting house rules and slave positions.

Some tasks may include taking me for lunch/shopping, line writing, washing my underwear, cleaning my premises, making tea and possibly assisting me on sessions with other clients or I may tie you up for my own amusement.

If you serve me well, I may decide to officially own you!

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