18th March 2018

Before And After Session Protocol

Before session protocol:

Always make sure you have taken the time to fully read my details on my website.
Always conduct yourself in a polite friendly manner.
Before our session commences make sure that you have fully communicated with me your limits and expectations.
Make sure you are hygienic and well presented.

After Session Protocol:
Make sure on leaving me after our session you feel safe and happy enough to do so. Don’t be shy – I don’t want you to leave feeling light headed from an intense session or maybe even emotionally unstable from it. Your always welcome to a cuppa and a quick chat and to say what you did or didn’t enjoy.
Also, do let me know how you are getting on a few days after our session. Feedback is a great way of enhancing our relationship and further progressing in our next sessions. Or to really impress me, why not show gratitude by writing me a testimony that I can post on my blogs? Just ask me for details on how to do this.

18th March 2018

The First Time For Sammy

The first visit was an eye-opener. Mistress Nicky is not tall or large but once she fixed me with her harsh stare I daren’t disagree.
The orders were given in a harsh tone. Since it was my first time, she started off by exploring what it was that did or didn’t work for me. She could tell when I had reached my limit by the whimpers, moans, sobs and groans that I made. Other than those I made no other noises apart from ‘Yes mistress’ and ‘No mistress’ in response to her questions.
She came up with some creative scenarios starting off with the obligatory house rules and the positions to adopt when she commanded them. She had no time for fools which was reflected in the commands that she barked.
Nipple torture, spanking, paddling and caning were all tried out until she was satisfied that she knew what would work.
Most of the time I was restrained but she has a pair of very powerful thighs. When she uses these, you have no hope of escaping. Trying to escape would be met with some very sharp and swift retribution.
This was my first time being used anally. She knew exactly how to make this work without ever getting to the stage where she was just pushing objects in. This gave me the confidence that she was experienced with this. The final part was the obligatory strap-on training. She seemed to enjoy this!!
Of course, I went back but I will write about that in a future blog.

18th March 2018

Booking a session with me.

I am available most days, from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. All sessions must be pre-booked. You can book me by telephone, text or by filling in my questionnaire on my bookings page. Once you have completed the questionnaire it will be sent straight to my email inbox. I will correspond with you through email with further instructions. Any information that is sent by you will be 100% confidential.
It’s not always convenient for me to answer the phone as I could have company or be out in public. If this is the case, send me a text to book a telephone appointment.
I work from my own BDSM flat which is cosy and clean. It is located on the outskirts of the shopping centre in Reading and a short walk from Reading train station. It is equipped with many toys, equipment and outfits such as a St-Andrews Cross, cock pillory, toilet box, spank/fuck bench, trample table, an array of anal toys and stretchers, Tens machine, ultra violet wand, gags, urethral rods, various restraints and impact-play toys like canes, paddles, belts and crops to name a few.
Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.