2nd April 2018

A Full Day As My Personal Slave

Fancy spending the day as my personal servant? I am offering a discounted day rate of £400 for a day of serving a goddess, whilst exploring kinks and pushing limits.

You are invited from 10 am to meet at my kinky play flat and will leave at 4pm. During this time, I will mould you into my perfect plaything.

I will plan our day of debauchery accordingly once you have filled in the questionnaire on my bookings page.

To serve me I will expect you to learn appropriate etiquette which will include adapting house rules and slave positions.

Some tasks may include taking me for lunch/shopping, line writing, washing my underwear, cleaning my premises, making tea and possibly assisting me on sessions with other clients or I may tie you up for my own amusement.

If you serve me well, I may decide to officially own you!

News, Sessions
18th March 2018

Before And After Session Protocol

Before session protocol:

Always make sure you have taken the time to fully read my details on my website.
Always conduct yourself in a polite friendly manner.
Before our session commences make sure that you have fully communicated with me your limits and expectations.
Make sure you are hygienic and well presented.

After Session Protocol:

Make sure on leaving me after our session you feel safe and happy enough to do so. Don’t be shy – I don’t want you to leave feeling light headed from an intense session or maybe even emotionally unstable from it. Your always welcome to a cuppa and a quick chat and to say what you did or didn’t enjoy.
Also, do let me know how you are getting on a few days after our session. Feedback is a great way of enhancing our relationship and further progressing in our next sessions. Or to really impress me, why not show gratitude by writing me a testimony that I can post on my blogs? Just ask me for details on how to do this.