4th January 2019

Sissy Nicole’s Session With Mistress Nicky PT2

I had been told by Mistress to expect another maid to join us during the afternoon. What would take place was uncertain , but as i kneeled there i was shivering at the very prospect of what might take place. After a few minutes there was a tap on the door and i heard another of Mistress Nicky’s sissys enter the room. I remained silent as ordered , and listened intently as Mistress guided the new arrival into an adjoining room. I tried to understand what was going on. I understood the sissy was named Abigail as i overheard Mistress preparing her for the session ahead. I then heard mistress’s familiar footsteps approaching me and once again felt my bottom being penetrated. A small plug was inserted to the hilt , and just when i was thinking how comfortable it was , Mistress started pumping a bulb hanging from it. My pussy was being filled , from a nice and filling stage until a very full and uncomfortable point. The plug was firmly in place so i had no choice but to remain in position, grunting as quietly as possible , hoping Mistress would soon relieve the pressure.
I heard Mistress setting up the fuck bench behind me , strapping Abigail into position. Then finally Mistress Nicky approached me again and deflated the plug invading me. I was told to go and get a small dick and attach to a strapon harness around my waist. Then as i approached the fuck bench , was told to fuck Abigail with it. Abigail lay face down , wearing a sissy hood and a black bodystocking. She had already been prepared by Mistress , and so my strapon easily glid into her sissy cunt. I began to fuck her with my new artificial prick as my own still useless caged one dangled beneath it. All the time Abigail moaned as i thrust my shaft in and out of her. Then Mistress told me to withdraw and present the cock at Abigail’s mouth. She eagerly took the member into her mouth and i was happy to then fuck her mouth with it.
Just when i thought Abigail was going to get all the attention , Mistress Nicky approached me and ordered me to bend over in front of Abigail. Mistress was once again wearing the large black contoured strapon and proceeded to fuck me with it, in full view of Abigail. Even though Mistress had already fucked me earlier with the same one , it still made me gasp as she drove her length all the way into me , balls deep. I was then told to return to between Abigails legs and resume fucking her with my strapon. As i guided its length back into her, Mistress Nicky approached my rear , her black strapon still firmly attached.

As soon as i had fed the full length of my strapon into Abigail , Mistress Nicky placed the head of her own strapon between my cheeks and guided it into me. I was now ordered to start fucking , but i now found myself having Mistress Nicky going deep into me, as i withdrew my own length out of Abigail. It was the wonderful experience of fucking someone and the feeling of being fucked at the same time. Even though my dick was safely locked away and feeling nothing , my ass pussy was getting all the sensations my fellow sissy was no doubt getting as well. My cock was only good now for supplying the occasional drip to the still collecting condom. In this position , i could have happily carried on all day. No release of cum to bring proceedings to an abrupt halt , just a constant stream of pleasure. Mistress Nicky had other ideas though , so as she pulled her phallus from my hole and instructed me the same , Abigail was released from her bonds and led to the bedroom with myself in tow.
Abigail was made to present herself on all fours on the bed, her bottom high in the air , exposed and vulnerable. I was then presented with the next instrument i had to use on her, a gag inserted into my mouth and secured in place. From the front of the gag , a rubber dick extended from my lips. Fucking Abigail seemed order of the day , so once again i attended to my duties, my head between her cheeks and pumping my head back and forth. Never before had i been so close to the action , but loved the view and the delightful sounds coming out of sissy. It was difficult to see anything else apart from Abigails cheeks oscillating in front of me , but i was aware Mistress Nicky was attending to the sissy’s other hole , her moans becoming stifled with her mouth full of cock. I was then given a vibrating wand to use , so i proceeded to run it up and down the gap between her legs and all the way to the tip of her now bulging cock.
Mistress then commanded Abigail to sit facing me on the bed. The juice filled condom hanging on my chastity cage was removed and Mistress fed it to Abigail , who swallowed every drop. With the gag now removed from me , i had to run my tongue over Abigail’s stiff shaft. Then finally Mistress made me take the head of her cock between my lips. Abigail’s now nicely swollen head filled my mouth and i greedily began sucking and running my tongue around it. I then took her deeper into my throat , working back and forth on her , now very expectant of her impending release. “i want you to hold it in your mouth when she comes”, Mistress instructed. Within a short while , Abigail shuddered and a thick stream of hot gooey cum was released into my mouth. “Show me!” , ordered Mistress Nicky, and i tilted my head back and opened my full mouth to her , trying to avoid any spillage.
I was fully expecting Mistress to announce “Swallow” at any time , so was surprised to hear her tell me to kiss Abigail and give the load to her. I did as instructed and Abigail took all of her gift back from me and then gulped it down her own throat. I just had to settle for the lingering flavour of my cum mouthwash. So finally another day of training came to a glorious end. Nicole is now eagerly waiting to be able to serve Mistress again, in whatever way Mistress chooses.


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